At Bardia Wildlife Resort we offer a number of activities to enable you to get the most out of your visit to Bardia National Park and the surrounding area. All our activities are lead by experienced guides and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Please contact us if you require any further information or would like to discuss your plans with us.

Jungle Treks

Jungle trek at Bardia National Park
Jungle treks allow you to get really close to nature. Half-day treks are available (choose between a morning or afternoon trek) and you will be accompanied by expert guides along riverbanks and through the bush. A full-day trek allows you to further explore the depths of the park and is one the best ways to spot the wildlife. Again, you will be lead by an expert guide and a packed lunch is provided.

Jeep Safaris

A jeep safari will take you further into the jungle than is possible on foot. Sit comfortably inside one of our deluxe 4WD vehicles while this four hour adventure takes you deep into the forest.


Our highly recommended slow water rafting trip is the best way to spot the rare Gangetic dolphin and the gharial crocodile. Also, cruising on the river maximises the chances of spotting the most evasive of animals, such as tigers and leopards. You will be accompanied by our experienced guides and a packed lunch is included.

Elephant Safaris

Bardia National Park - Elephant Safari
This expedition allows you to explore the hidden corners of the park. Sitting atop an elephant offers an elevated view of greater portions of the forest.


Camping in the buffer zone (Community Forest) is another excellent way to encounter the wildlife of the area. The trip begins with a full day hike into the park. The day ends with a nice campfire. The second day starts with a half day trek around the Community Forest before ending back to the headquarters.

Camping gear, food and guides are all included.

Tharu Village Tours

Bardia National Park - Tharu Village Tour
This pleasant guided tour around Tharu communities gives you an insight on the lifestyle of the region’s indigenous people.

Elephant & Crocodile Breeding Centres

Crocodile Breeding Centre
A visit to the Elephant and Crocodile Breeding Centres gives a chance to see the elephants and crocodiles up close. The best time to visit the elephants are in late afternoon during feeding. The Elephant Breeding Centre is only a twenty minute walk south of the resort and the Crocodile Breeding Centre is located at the Park headquarters.